The week I got my

The week I got my "Farmers Tan"

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My third week has kept me plenty busy with everything going on around here! I was able to help plant our first Corn test plot of the year. We planted 10 different Mycogen varieties out behind HSC with the help of Tom Benortham!

Our second garden camp was so fun! We focused on learning about identifying broadleaves vs grasses and talked a little about weeds. The kids were able to go through the garden and tell me which vegetables were a broadleaf and which were grass types! They were also a good help with working in the garden. The beans and peas needed a pole to grow up so the kids helped put up our panels in the rows. We planted another round of radish, beets, and bush beans, then got our watermelon and cantaloupe in! 



I was able to help out a couple of the guys this week. Kyle began helping me learn how to load up a truck! Because of the Feed Science Dept. at KSU I already had been taught and certified on driving a forklift, so I think I picked up on things pretty quickly! 











Dustin & Kyle were teaching me about   the process of treating soybeans and what all the benefits for treating them are. I have been around treated seed and heard about it for quite awhile now but learning more of the system was helpful to piece together all of the information. 


This weeks lesson: Sunscreen is only good if it gets reapplied.


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Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker
I enjoy reading your blog & learning all that you are doing ! There is a lot going on in Harveyville this summer! Thank you for sharing!

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