Our agronomy department provides multiple services including...
Seed - Crop Protection - Fertilizer - Application - Equipment Rental
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We are equipped, licensed, and insured for all types of applications utilizing  GPS, Mapping, and Variable Rate Technology.


Fertilizer Services

    • Dry Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, NH3
        • Direct Retail and Wholesale Sales
    • Custom Application 
        • GPS Guided  -  Variable Rate Available
    • Run out of our plant or  let us deliver.
    • Fertilizer Equipment Rental
        • Dry Spreaders and Tender Trucks
        • NH3 Tool Bar
        • Liquid Tool Bar


      Chemical Services

      • Professional Custom Application
      • Bulk and package products available
      • Ask about Cash & Cary volume pricing.
      • Run your rig out of our plant or let us tender you.
      • Ask us to generate your spray records for you.

        Custom Application

        • Liquid
        • Dry
        • Aerial  - Let us handle the details.