Colorado Rains

Colorado Rains

HSC Intern

Hello again! This week is a little bit shorter, I got the chance to go on a trip with my fiancé's family! 

Our third garden camp was a great week for teaching the kids how to keep a garden clean! I taught them all about our main types of pesticides. I was able to show them an area they weeded last week and compare the weeds coming up in there to an area I sprayed with Roundup. We also talked a bit about the benefits of using insecticides, fungicides, and different traps for raccoons or other animals. The kids seemed to know quite a bit about these so it was easy to expand on their knowledge and ask them questions! We were able to pick a ton more lettuce (If you need any lettuce, please come grab some yourself! There is way too much for all of us to eat ourselves.) After our lessons and picking some veggies, we worked hard to weed all the tiny weeds around our plants so that they can hopefully start to grow better.

I'm starting to sink into a bit of a routine at the office this past week. It's been fun to get to go out and help with some of the things around the yard! I spent most of the week preparing for camp since I would be gone and helped with sorting out some returned seed. I also learned how to mix a large batch of fertilizer and Henry taught me how to clean out some of our chemical containers. 

CJ's sister got married on Saturday in Denver, so he and I flew out of KC late Wednesday night to help with the preparations for the wedding starting on Thursday! It was a very cool ceremony since her (now) husband is from Scotland! They were able to have a “bagpiper” at the wedding as well which was so much fun. Sunday CJ's mother’s side of the family all drove up to Estes Park for the week for a family reunion. That side of the family is pretty large but it was fun to get to meet everyone and go through the National Park! CJ and I will fly back into Kansas City very early Wednesday morning, just in time for me to get back for camp at 9 am! CJ also turned 21 this week so we got to celebrate his birthday, his mom’s birthday, Fathers Day, and a wedding all in a couple of days! 


In case you were curious, it rains just as much in Colorado as it does in Kansas—I'm pretty sure. 

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