Lots of Rain Means LOTS of Mud

Lots of Rain Means LOTS of Mud

HSC Intern

Week Two

This past week was my second week at HSC and I'm beginning to get into a flow of how things work around here! It was a pretty emotional week for everyone with the continuation of rain, flooding of rivers, and the huge tornado that tore through Lawrence and KC area. There were some high points to the week however! We have gotten a couple of days without rain, some were able to start/continue getting seed planted, get areas sprayed, and I even got into the garden to get things cleaned up! We can see rows now!!

This was also our first week of garden camp! We had a good number of kids come and I really enjoyed getting to meet them all! Knowing more about them and their knowledge of gardens helps me learn how to structure my next couple of weeks! All the kids were given a chance to plant their own tub of vegetables. They were given tomato & pepper plants, and seeds for beets, radish, carrots and cucumbers. I focused on teaching them this week about where our food from stores is coming from, and how seeds begin to grow. The knowledge and imagination of kids is one of my favorite parts of being around them. They wanted to play hide & seek in a large open area with about 3 spots behind trees to hide, go figure. I believe they'll be able to teach me just as much this summer as I will be able to teach them.


Michael asked me to include my major lesson from this week: using a landline. My cell phone, like many, has spotty service here in Harveyville so I used the office phone. My first attempt, I got a super static recording saying I couldn't make long distance calls & fees would be applied.

So, my lesson? You have to dial 1 before typing in a number when you call people who don't have your area code. OOPS

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