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This past week was our last week of garden camp! I've enjoyed camp so much this summer, and I really hope the kids learned as much as I did! This summer I wanted to emphasize some of the different areas and ways that plants grow-- as well as what is going to help/hurt them. Our main topics through the weeks were growing seeds, identifying your different plants, pests in the garden, parts of the plant we eat, and pollination. I felt the majority of the kids were able to learn something and were able to tell me some things they remembered on our final week! 


We were able to harvest quite a few vegetables from this past week! The kids took home lettuce, peas, carrots, cucumber, and zucchini. The garden is still plenty stocked so come grab some veggies if you need some!!




I think my favorite part of camp was just watching the kids who were wanting to learn and I felt were engaged in what I taught. I believe it's always better to have fun with the kids and not just sit and talk to them all day. Occasionally I would ask the kids what they wanted to do that day. The majority of the time I got a response of "Can we pick ____?" or asking to pull the weeds in the large weed patch we had. Those comments were so reassuring that most of the kids were enjoying what we were doing! 

Other than camp last week I did actually do some other work! The Mycogen/Corteva intern, Ryan, and I went out to look at some of our other Enlist bean fields. We saw some fields that were looking tough from flooding, some fields that looked more like pastures, and some that looked absoutley amazing. We're excited to share some of our before/after pictures with you once we get those fields sprayed!

CJ texted me the morning of the 4th and said they had 4.5 inches of rain so far and he had a chance to go home for the weekend! I got packed up, picked him up, and off to McDonald, KS we went! We were able to surprise his parents and show up just in time for the party that night. Over the weekend we got to spend a lot of time just being out around the farm, checking cows, and seeing family. My dog, Brynn, got to come along as well! She found plenty of ponds and puddles to jump into when she got hot. Some of this water was clean...some was dyed green. Needless to say, she got in the green pond more than she got in the clean ones.  McDonald, KS has a place in my heart and even if CJ and I don't end up here some day, it's still such a special place for us both to be. 

On a fun office note- I learned and accomplished some new things last week! 

  • I learned to do the bridge after you shuffle cards
  • I got the golfball on the tee that's inside a snow globe on Jo's desk (go try it, it's so hard) 
  • I stumped Kyle with a card trick!
  • I learned to always ask for directions on how to get to a field before you go..sometimes you take the wrong way in.

Finally, my lesson of the week: I am going to marry into an amazing family and I'm so lucky to be able to have such a great and supportive In-law relationship.

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