Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

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It's my 6th week here and the summer is flying by, almost halfway done! It has been such a fun summer so far, even with this new hot and humid week. My farmer's tan is getting so much more visible though, and my face is getting more burnt every day.


We had a guest come and talk with the kids at camp this week about bees! We all learned some fun facts about them and why they can be good for our garden! The kids got a chance to touch and look at all the different equipment used for bees. We even got to try some of their crystallized honey and some pollen!

Now that the ground has dried out, you can really see all the plants starting to take off and grow some of our vegetables. We even found some okra in the garden that we had given up on! I'm hoping next week we may be able to harvest some of the potatoes we've grown so that the kids can help with that before camp is over. Nick and I also did some major tilling, weeding, and replanting in the garden since we've had some dry and hot days!



I started my week off going out with our AgXplore Rep to look at some of our corn fields that have NZone GL applied. Seeing results in such a short period after application and planting was a cool lesson to learn. I also had never gone out to pull up samples before; so learning about looking at those differences, determining which plants to pull and how to properly clean them off is going to be beneficial in the future!

This was also another good learning week! I'm so thankful to be working in an internship that is actually willing to teach me about everything rather than just doing "grunt work" 24/7. I feel more confident about the whole process of seed treating than I have during the past times I've helped. I'm beginning to understand so many more topics that are being discussed than when I first began!

My lesson of the week- Having good people around you who are willing to selflessly help is a huge blessing. 

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Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker
What you are learning about putting in a garden will come in handy to save money & let you try new vegetables! The vegetables are so tasty & fresh when you grow them yourself!

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