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This week was one of the busier weeks I've had this summer. Starting out on Monday, Dustin gave me a very cool opportunity. I was able to go up to a meeting with him through KARA and sit down with KDA to discuss some things within the future of agriculture. I met our new Secretary of Agriculture, as well as a few others with KARA and the KDA. Being able to sit in on a higher importance meeting and watching the interactions was a different experience than most college students have the chance to be part of so I'm very thankful for it!

Wednesday another one of our Mycogen reps, Brook, came out to look through our Enlist fields with me. What we saw wasn't expected there, but we're very glad we did see it! If you haven't heard of webworms yet, it's a good time to learn! Here is a link to a small article that K-State wrote on them... 


Hopefully these guys will get under control around here soon but, we have been seeing/hearing about quite a few affected fields through East/Central Kansas. Brook was very helpful in teaching me a little more about some of the insects in our crops since I haven't had too much exposure so far this summer. (Which is a good thing!) The big thing with them that we learned is they tend to feed on alfalfa, pigweeds and waterhemp. This is why we're seeing such an increase after haying or spraying by a field. Be on the lookout so you can get it controlled quickly! The picture below was taken only a week after being sprayed. 

The garden is still doing well! Our vegetable number is going up a ton, so please go grab anything you need! We have Zucchini, Cucumbers, Beans, Peas, Okra, Lettuce, and soon we will have a ton of tomatoes! Now that it has dried out we are planning to get tubs delivered to kids this week sometime! 

Friday I was lucky enough to head down to Beaver Lake with my dads side of the family. Going to Arkansas every summer has become one of my favorite memories! It's usually full of learning new water-sports, falling hard trying to learn them, bad sunburns, and lots of memories with family. This year was even more special since CJ was able to come with and spend some more time getting to know my family better. 


This weeks lesson is a bit different. I've had a lot of people ask me throughout the summer about my plans for the future and after CJ and I get married next May. My answer is generally "I don't know" or a series of options we may have. It's hard to get caught up in the planing and dreaming but not for sure knowing a reality.

So, my lesson is it's good to have people in your life reminding you that this isn't our plan, as long as we have some faith it's all going to be just fine. 

Have a good week, and stay cool!



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