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HSC Intern

     Life is crazy, and it seems even more so during the summertime. Whether it is working 40+ hour weeks, running from one ball game to the next, or anything that makes you stop and ask 'Where did the time go?' we all have something in our life that we just rush through in order to get to the next thing. Typically we put so much of our effort into finishing one item or activity in order to get to the next that we do not take the time to just enjoy the moment.

     This was certainly the case that I found myself in during Garden Camp this week. The kids are great, but entertaining 18 young rascals can take its toll. While going through the garden this week the kids each got to pick peas and beans to take home. After about 8 minutes passed by it was time to move on to our lesson for the day. In the midst of trying to round all of the children up I came about little Rachel who had done the most precious thing.

     Rachel was immensely enjoying picking beans, and she had cleverly thought to store her picked beans in her pocket in order for her hands to be free to pick more! When I saw Rachel I just had to stop, smile, and of course take a picture! She was living in the moment and enjoying every second that she was getting to spend in the garden. It soon hit me that instead of rushing forward with the lesson plans for the day, I needed to take a step back and enjoy what was going on around me.

     It is easy to get caught up in such a daily routine that autopilot turns on and we forget everything else. But, what would happen if we would just take a moment to stop and breathe? Enjoy the moment, look at those around you, and remind yourself to be appreciative for 'the now' instead of worrying about what's ahead. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer. 

     Sometimes life gets crazy, things don't go as planned, and surprises are not always good. Working is not always fun, your family may drive you nuts, and getting through the day may seem impossible. However, this moment in time will never be able to be relived again. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, fill your pockets with beans, and remember to live in the moment. 



- To Pause -

- To Make Space -

- To Collect Your Thoughts -

- To Remember -

- To Face the Next Moment -

- To Choose -

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