I Believe in Tomorrow

HSC Intern

     With the unfolding of some tragic events worldwide recently, I have reflected deeply on my beliefs and values. Only 3 weeks into my internship and I have already learned so much! The one thing that I am certain about, however, is that tomorrow will come. It is true, that each day may be our last. But, regardless, time will pass. This being said, I am proud to say that I believe in tomorrow. One of the many life lessons that I have learned thus far here at Harveyville Seed Company is to have faith and believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

     Audrey Hepburn once said, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow". Week 3 of Garden Camp is in the books and boy have I had such an experience! It is truly remarkable to work with great kids and teach important information, including how to grow our own food. Each week kids come up to me and tell me about all of the progress that the garden has made since the last, but what I also see is the progress that each child has made as well. It is simply astonishing! 

     I believe in a better tomorrow because of the impact that I am trying to make today. Believing in a better tomorrow can be difficult at times, but this great experience hosting the Garden Camp has made me a true believer. Times may get tough, things may go bad, but I can say for certain that tomorrow will come and we can all hope that it will be better.

     I challenge you to believe. Believe in tomorrow in the same way that each kid believes that the garden will grow, and maybe, just maybe it will be so!

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