My Last Few Weeks

My Last Few Weeks

HSC Intern

This blog is going to be the last one you'll be reading from me this summer. Today is my last day before I head back to K-State for my senior year! I've loved working here in Harveyville this summer and have been exposed to so many different opportunities that most summer interns miss out on. I'm beyond thankful for my time here and to have met each one of you who has stopped in!

The past few weeks I was slacking off a bit and didn't get a blog out to you. I moved into my house in Manhattan the week of August 1st and woke up that Monday with a temperature of 104.6! Needless to say my 4 day weekend turned into 6 days pretty quickly. Outside of my unintended week off, things around here have been good! I've been working on wrapping up all of my projects, and the guys are getting to a point of being caught up on all their jobs as well. 

Our Enlist plot is doing well! Matt and I went out to take some "drone" pictures of the entire field last week. It's pretty amazing how quickly the soybeans canopied over to fill the 1 row on each side that was affected. After watching this project  unfold, it is easy to see that Enlist is one of the best new technologies out there. It truly doesn't drift over like so many other products tend to, and from what we've seen it's smoking the weeds it hits too. Come stop in to see one of the guys about how the Enlist system can help you. (And check out my pamphlet on it as well!)



I've also been working on some trials with Nitrogen stabilizers throughout the summer. After looking at the fields treated with ContaiN and NZONE GL, I have been able to see the difference by comparing the root structure I've posted about in the past. Also, now that we have some actual corn to look at, by comparing the ears. Below you'll see pictures from just two of our fields; however, you can already see the difference in size and maturity between treatments!



My final lesson for the summer is for you all- To pour information into my college classmates whenever you can. We can learn so much more from talking to employers, farmers/ranchers, and just everyday customers than we can sitting in a classroom. I believe that's why good internships are so important in gaining the knowledge of whatever field of study we go into. Thank you to everyone who took the time this summer to sit down and talk to me! I look forward to seeing many of you at the customer appreciation dinner next week!

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