Internship Week 6

HSC Intern

As always it is very busy here at Harveyville Seed Company. This past week Debbie Morton the Range and Pasture Specialist came to town to look at a few different pastures around the area. We went to a growers ranch and he had been treating multiple different cedar trees in his pastures with multiple different types of treatments. He had been treating some of the cedar trees with Tordon soil applied. He was also treating some cedar trees with a basal treatment of Tordon. It was very interesting to see what different types of treatments killed the cedar trees better. This taught me that experimentation is always a good thing. It is good to figure out what strategy is going to work best in whatever situation you are in. The grower had a large amount of dead cedar trees and it was interesting to see that with accurate soil applied treatments of Tordon you could kill the cedar trees but keep from killing the trees that he wanted. In my opinion I think he had a very good kill on all of the cedar trees he had treated but I do believe the soil applied treatment killed the cedar trees faster than the basal treatments.   


Garden Camp went well this week, the kids did lots of different activities. They learned all about how the process of how pollination works. They also learned all about how herbicides worked and what the meaning of round up ready was. The kids picked around eight freezer bags full of beans along with eight or nine yellow squash. I hope the kids have been learning a lot and the last day of garden camp is next Wednesday July 5th. 

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