Internship Week 4

HSC Intern


This past week has been very busy here at Harveyville Seed Company. I learned another important lesson this week and that is to be quick on your feet. Things here can change in an instant. You can be doing one task one minute and then be doing something completely different the next. For example, Thursday the 8th I was meeting with Debbie Morton the Dow Agro Range and Pasture specialist. We were scouting growers pasture ground, then immediately after that I found out that I was going to help plant a test plot of Credenz soybeans off of highways 56 and 99. On Wednesday the 7th I had just got done with garden camp and then I found out that I was going to be picking up some chemicals from Hillsboro, Kansas unexpectedly. Being quick on your feet is a good thing and a skill everyone should have to an extent. I enjoy being busy and not knowing what task I will run into next. Garden camp was another success this week with the kids learning about root structures and why plants do some of the things they do. The kids also were able to harvest lots of lettuce this week, along with beets.  A big thank you to Mary Bannwarth with garden camp on Wednesday she was a huge help. 



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