Intern Orientation Day 2 - York, NE

HSC Intern

     Wake up, it's time to learn! Day 2 of the intern training provided a large sum of new information. United Suppliers brought in US PhD Agronomists to teach us all about insects, diseases, corn & soybean growth stages, and even weeds! 

     During their presentation they talked about all areas within agronomy and we did a little weed identification towards the end. To me, honestly, a weed is a weed "no good". So identifying weeds was a bit challenging to say the least! The agronomists provided us with great resources including the United Suppliers Crop Protection Guide & the 2016 Guide for Weeds, Disease, and Insect Management to assist us in our internships and also to use later on in life. All in all, the internship orientation was great! I met a lot of great people, learned new information, and even left with a backpack full of resources that was sponsored by Kevin Dieckmann, who is the United Suppliers Crop Sales Representative for Harveyville Seed Company! 

     The drive home from Nebraska was a bit entertaining. Of course it had to start raining as I passed through Lincoln, NE and it just so happens that the wind-shield wipers weren't quite doing their job. So being a stranger to the Nebraska area and also finding myself in the large town of Lincoln, I navigated to a Target in hopes of finding replacement windshield wipers. Well, let's just say Target is not the 'go to' place for windshield wipers. After about an hour of frustration and buying a set to only return them because they conveniently did not fit I decided to just hit the road once again and leave the problem as it was. It just so happened to not rain one drop on the remaining drive home - go figure!

     As I pulled back into the small town of Harveyville, I reflected on the lessons that I had learned from this great trip: 

1.When you drive through Nebraska you will find very friendly people and confusing 1-way streets!
2. The people at United Suppliers are great and very knowledgable folks!

3. When you need windshield wipers - DON'T go to Target (even though it is a great place to shop) ! 

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