Intern Orientation Day 1 - York, NE

Intern Orientation Day 1 - York, NE

HSC Intern

     You know you're on a good road-trip when strangers wave at you simply because you are driving a pick-up, 1 way roads get you completely and utterly confused, and a 5 hour drive seems like all day. This was all just the start of the intern orientation that I attended in York, NE on May 19th & 20th put on by United Suppliers. 

     The first session was kicked off with introductions by each of the 16 interns present and then by United Suppliers staff, including Richard Rowe who led two sessions over "Understanding Yourself & Others". A key component of this workshop was the DiSC assessment which is a personality test that individuals can take to learn more about themselves and others. I fell under the C (conscientiousness) category and my classical pattern happened to be "Perfectionist" - go figure! This was a great exercise that allowed each intern to discover their personality type and how to work with others who fall under a different category other than themselves. 

     You should always end a hard working day with a little fun at the end, and this is just what we did. Bowling at Cosmic Lanes provided for a good time where pizza and strikes were enjoyed by all throughout the night!

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