Planting Guide

50 foot Row: 1 to 2 oz.

Per Acre: 10 lbs.

Planting Depth: 1/2 inch

Spacing in Row: 4 inches

Rows Apart: 3 feet

Planting Date:  April/May

Days to Emergence: 7 to 14

Fertilizer: 3 lbs. for 50 ft. row

Common Insects: Aphid, Blister Beetle, Corn Ear Worm, Stink Bug, Flea Beetle, Army Worm.

Notes: Plants require warm soil and climate. Keep weeds down by shallow cultivation.


Clemson Spineless 80 (Harvest average: 56 days.) All American Silver Medal winner. Truly spineless. Angular, ridged pod that is rich green. Approximately 6 inches long. Abundant pods. Excellent for home garden. Grows to 5 feet.