Anthem II    (RR)  Small Bag     -     Requires MTSA

Anthem II (RR) Small Bag - Requires MTSA

Harveyville Seed Co.

$ 88.00

Anthem II - Roundup Ready Sweet Corn Seed 

(Similar to Obsession II)

Seminis - Performance Series

Sold per 2500 seed bag- FREE Shipping Included     

Requires a current MTSA prior to shipping.  Enter MTSA in special instructions box at checkout.

1 Bag 5 Bag Pack
$88.00 ea. $400 .00
  • Seminis Performance Series Sweet Corn Seed 
  • Protection from above and below ground insect pests
  • Tolerant to Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup PowerMAX
  • 73 Days, 61" Avg. Ht.., 8" ear / 16-18 rows



Monsanto Trait Stewardship Agreement (MTSA) may be obtained online at or by calling 1-800-768-6387 and select Option 3.

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