Planting guide

50 foot row: 1/4 oz. in hills

Per Acre: 1 1/1 to 2 lbs in hills

Planting Depth: 1/4 to 1/2 inch

Rows Apart: 4 feet

Planting Date: April/May

Days to Emergence: 2 to 6

Fertilizer: 3 lbs. for 50 foot row

Common Insects: Aphid, Cucumber Beetle, Leaf Miner, Pickle Worm, Squash Bug, Spider Mite.

Notes: Requires long, warm growing season. Can never be grown to perfection under unfavorable conditions. Seeds may be grown in hot bed and transplanted. Enormous space required to grow. Soil needs to be slightly acid: pH 6. Needs to be planted in hills.