Sometimes Plans Change...

HSC Intern

I'm a perfectionist. There, I said it. And with that I start my tale...

I plan everything out, and will even admit that at times I definitely over-plan. There will be no surprises for me because I try to think of everything before it happens so then I can avoid any catastrophes. But there are times that things happen that I never would have thought could, and this brings me to the point - sometimes plans change.

To better understand, please allow me to explain.

Hosting Garden Camp each week has easily been one of the highlights of my summer and my internship with Harveyville Seed Company. However, 18 kids sure keep you on your toes and in order to be productive one must plan for the unexpected. And that's certainly what I try to do.

Yet, on Wednesday for our last Garden Camp my plans were thrown in the air! Planning a meal and feeding 18 growing kids is something I had never done before but was a challenge that I was ready to face, or so I thought...

The potatoes were mashed, watermelon cut, and the sweet corn in the crock pot. I was set and ready to go, until... the plans changed.

Let's just say that some improvisations had to be made as a result of a lack of power. So with the help and quick thinking of Kara Meyer, from Wabaunsee County Extension services, we were able to pull everything back together! Kara took the food, found a source with electricity and said "I'll be back!" I was left standing there wondering "Well, what now?"

Then the lightbulb went off. Let's play some games with the kids to pass some time until the food is ready. What is a better game than 'Simon says'? At first most of the kids were not so into it, but little did they know I am the 'simon says' master! All of the kids joined in and took great joy in seeing who would be the winner of each round. It's simple to say that there sure were a lot of smiles and giggles going on throughout the room! 

The food finally arrived back nice and warm, and I deemed Kara 'a life saver'! It sure didn't take long for the kids to get excited to eat and get to try the food that they grew in our garden! All of the kids became quiet as they filled their bellies and enjoyed one another's company. Looking out at all of the kids, a smile came upon my face.

Who would have thought that there would be no power to heat the food? Not me! As I reflected on the experience, I just had to chuckle. Sometimes no matter the amount of planning that goes into an event or activity, things and circumstances will arise that become hindrances. It's easy to become frustrated and frazzled at these unexpected things that affect our plans. However, I believe we have the opportunity to make the best of each moment - even those that we don't necessarily plan for.

As I look back, I am surprisingly thankful for that unexpected lack of power. No, I'm not crazy. And yes, I did certainly freak out and worry about what to do. Yet, with patience and quick thinking everything seemed to work out. If my 'perfected plans' worked out, then I would not have gotten the opportunity to play games with the kids and have some extra fun!

Sometimes things happen, surprises occur, and plans don't work out. No matter the extent to which one plans, the plans can still change as they are certainly not set in stone. When our plans change, take a step back and try to seize the moment instead of ruining the moment. We each have the ability to take an unexpected experience and turn it into an opportunity! Remember that sometimes your plans will change and as a result something new, such as playing 'Simon says', becomes a part of your new plans.

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