Internship Week 8

HSC Intern

This past week was another eventful one. The HSC Range and Pasture Project is going well with another pasture that was treated with GrazonNext HL for the project. The pasture is in excellent condition to start with but needed to be treated due to a minor problem with iron weeds and to many native prairie plants. We left an untreated strip so that it will be clear to see the difference that using a product like GrazonNext HL is and how beneficial it will be in the long run for weed control. I have also been helping Kyle unload brome seed this week. I have one of the test plots signed and it's looking good with a great stand of soybeans.This past week I also turned the manure pile down by the garden so that it can dry out a little better. In the near future I will also be making another trip to York, Nebraska to visit with Winfield United again.  

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