Internship Week 3

HSC Intern


Last week a truck load of compost was picked for use in the garden thanks to good connections with K State, a big thank you to the staff at K State's dairy unit for their help. I learned in retrieving this manure that communication is important. It was a challenge to get a time set up with K State to pick this compost up due to both of our busy schedules. K State ended up giving us several different types of compost some being dry and other types not so dry but over time will be good for use in Garden Camp. We ended up having to shovel a good amount of the compost out of the truck because it was so wet and would not come out of the truck. Thankfully Matt was there to help or it would of taken me all night to unload bymyself. However, the compost worked out for Garden Camp regardless of wet or dry compost.This taught me that communication is key when dealing with situations like that.



Garden camp week one was a good turnout. There are around thirteen kids enrolled in the camp for this summer. We started camp by going over everything that is planted in the garden. The kids harvested and then planted radishes along with tomatoes and beans. The kids also learned about how the process of photosynthesis works. All of the kids got to plant there own personal container gardens that they will be able to take home at the end of camp. Then, the kids played a game towards the end of camp. The beginning of this week was busy getting the garden ready for camp. After garden camp I have been out in the field looking for weeds. I recently took some field samples of common waterhemp out of a field. My favorite part of this week was when I got the opportunity to scout several different fields. I was going to these fields to dig up common waterhemp to test for resistance. 

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