My experiences at HSC


These last few weeks at Harveyville seed have been a huge learning experience for me and hopefully for the different producers in the area as well. This past week I had the opportunity to put in a nitrogen and micronutrient plot. This included several different products that were foliar applied with herbicides. In all, five different test trips and one check/control strip were made. Symbol release was applied in the first test trip, which is a micronutrient product with sulfur, boron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. SRN 25B was applied next, which is a slow release nitrogen product with boron. Test trip three had Symbol and SRN 25B applied together. The fourth had Smart Trio applied, which contains nitrogen, sulfur, boron, manganese, and zinc. The last trip was another application of Symbol Release. Because of the year I look to see a large response from the different applications of nitrogen. SRN 25 B I look to be very beneficial to the plot and my prediction is that the trips with it applied will yield the most.

Also this week I had the opportunity to look at corn that had experienced hail damage as well as some corn that had standing water on it. The hail-damaged corn appeared to be damaged rather badly but luckily the plant was not damaged below the growing point. (Pictures are attached below) This means that it should recover in a few weeks with only around a 10% deduction on yield. 

The drowned out corn is different story. In the low spots of fields it is rather apparent that the plants are starving for nitrogen and should have a side dress application of N. If they do not receive this it likely that losses will be 90% or more in these areas. All in all, the wet weather has been very hard on plants because of the loss of nitrogen.

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